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standard sized banners

adworxs 50x50An adworxs.standard-banner is a banner, as it is placed at the bottom of this page (468×60).

In the case of the involvement of this page, used was a special day, which the banner without a new call to the URL, all 10 Seconds can rotate.

The campaigns, you with us in adworxs-Shop find,the booking of our network using standard banners in the file formats include JPG or GIF. The banners are to be delivered by you, or. can be uploaded directly on our ad server after your first booking. Images, larger than 40 kb, will not be accepted for upload. You can also even during an ongoing campaign, Optimize your banner, or disable again.

Of course, all new installations of banners will be checked and tested by us.. Should there be problems in the delivery due to the inability to use the banner in a campaign you have booked, We take with you feel free to contact. In general, these are just little things, the change but we like to work with you.

Advertisers will experience the opportunity, make banner advertising directly the attention of.

The following banner formats to our network at the disposal:

88×31 - 120×60 - 120×90 - 120×240 -120×600 -125×125 -160×600 -180×150 -234×60 -240×400 -250×250 - 300×100 -300×250 -336×280 -468×60 -600×113 -720×300 -728×90

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